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Rosicrucian Egyptian Museum

Trip distance: 7.0 – 7.5 miles Time to reach: 1 hr 9 min (walk | LRT | bus | walk), 40 min (cycle), 11 min (car) Round trip cost: $8 About the Museum Website: Address: 1660 Park Avenue, San Jose, CA 95191 Car parking availability and fee: Behind the museum (on Chapman Street). Parking is free. Bike… Continue reading Rosicrucian Egyptian Museum


There’s Something About Nigella!

We’re hooked to the famous British  Nigella Lawson‘s cookery show, Nigella Bites on Food Network (aired on Travel & Living in India). Different people are hooked for different reasons. Yes, she cooks well and presents the entire process quite innovatively and effortlessly. You can see how much she ejoys preparing a meal, experimenting with different… Continue reading There’s Something About Nigella!


I Adore Pretty Women…

…who are not just pretty but also well-dressed and who radiate a strong sense of dressing and ooze a subtle attitude of being in touch with style and fashion. I am sure you admire them too. C’mon, if you are a woman and reading this, admit it and you’ll feel liberated. The secret’s long been… Continue reading I Adore Pretty Women…

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First Ride to Bellandur Lake

Went on a 26 km ride on a self-charted route this Sunday. We could not manage to participate in the GGI CM the previous day, so we decided to make up for it. You can see the complete description of Sunday’s ride to Bellandur Lake on here. Before Sandip and I started riding cycles… Continue reading First Ride to Bellandur Lake

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Maggi: Thy Name Savior

Who would not have, at one point or the other, not relied on maggi, in the absence of a.b.s.o.l.u.t.e.l.y any other options to quench ‘paapi pate’s bhook’. Stuck at home on a night, suddenly you realize there’s nothing at home to cook and its too late to step out to grab a bite, you turn… Continue reading Maggi: Thy Name Savior


Mah Life ROCKS!!!

I have come to believe that saying that aloud to myself (My Life Rocks) and declaring it publicly will eventually make me feel that way – good about myself and my life. Every day you happen to ask as well as answer the question innumerable times  “How are you doing?”. I found more people answering… Continue reading Mah Life ROCKS!!!


I am HAPPY Today!

Today’s been one of the happiest days for me. Full of a feeling of contentment, completeness, satisfaction, and in some sense, of a victory in a long-fought battle. The plight is that I cannot share my happiness with anybody :(. I’d like to keep it a secret from even myself, so I remain grounded and… Continue reading I am HAPPY Today!


Are You a Somebody?

Every body around me (at least 7 out of 10 people) is a somebody, excelling in something they can boast about. I am not talking about the skills they have acquired in their career/profession. I am talking about the passions they have pursued outside their profession. So, a doctor may be an outstanding cook and… Continue reading Are You a Somebody?


Not a Good Idea Sirji!

Idea Cellular’s new catch line for akkha India, “Walk When You Talk” may be trying to bring about a revolution to motivate people towards “walking” for fitness and health. Extrapolating the concept portrayed, it seems people do not have any time other than when they are talking to walk. Isn’t that a more serious problem?… Continue reading Not a Good Idea Sirji!

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The Tale of an Inch

Cafe Inch on 100 ft Road Indiranagar used to be a hot spot 3 years back. It was conveniently located, at 5 minutes drive from our residence at that time. It had swanky interiors – with varied kind of seating, occupied a decently huge area, and attracted a posh crowd. It was really our favorite… Continue reading The Tale of an Inch