Maggi: Thy Name Savior

Who would not have, at one point or the other, not relied on maggi, in the absence of a.b.s.o.l.u.t.e.l.y any other options to quench ‘paapi pate’s bhook’. Stuck at home on a night, suddenly you realize there’s nothing at home to cook and its too late to step out to grab a bite, you turn to Maggi. Feeling sick, tired, or lazy to cook, Maggi’s your quick and tasty answer to these ‘unplanned situations’ in life. Single and your cook took an uninformed leave, its maggi time. Riot in the city and you didnt get a chance to replenish your stock of meats or veggies - well, you know what you can depend on. Mostly everybody makes their grocery and veggie purchases over a weekend, but well, there’s a never-ending or a regularly refreshed supply of this ever- so-dependable item. There are now healthier options available in the Maggi family - the wheat Maggi, so less guilt on conscience for gorging on maida. Thats for some who prefer the ‘healthy and nutritious’ maggi. But I still go for the ‘maida’ option :) Its tastier. I’ll let you into a little secret, which wont remain so once you know about it. Even when I do have food at home, and have the options of making either rice or maggi, I go for the latter. Wasnt that big a secret…hmm. Though with both rice and maggi, all it takes is to put them into boiling water, no more effort, yet maggi’s what attracts me more, more so when I am home alone. I’m also a lazy brat, at least am turning into one or rather letting myself be one. Thats just another secret I’ve just let you into! Rice has an additional step of washing it before it can be cooked ;). Pasta too, though simple to prepare, has too many steps and takes longer than the other ‘2-mintues’ meal. So unless I’ve resolved to eat healthy and purposely not stocked up any of ‘it’ at home, like the time when I was alone for a couple of weeks because of hubby’s out-of-India trip and cooked up every single meal for myself, I do yield in to the temptation every once in a (long/short) while.

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