There's Something About Nigella!

Source: Nigella’s twitter profile

Source: Nigella’s twitter profile

We’re hooked to the famous British Nigella Lawson’s cookery show, Nigella Bites on Food Network (aired on Travel & Living in India). Different people are hooked for different reasons.

Yes, she cooks well and presents the entire process quite innovatively and effortlessly. You can see how much she ejoys preparing a meal, experimenting with different ingredients, and just loves each and every stuff going into a dish. For me, its a treat to just listen to her or just watch her, unmindful of what she’s really cooking. Most of the times I am only staring at all the tools she has at her disposal for cooking, chopping, measuring, and grinding. The simple, one-hand cheese grater. The ancient- looking coriander/leaves chopping blade. The readymade cup-shaped butter paper for baking muffins. The pepper and salt grinder. The pair of hand sized comb- like spatulas for tossing and turning food in a wok. Some of these things are still not available in India I guess. The other thing I like about her show are the big and so-alive fruits and veggies in their vibrant colors. Please tell me you can get the stuff here in Bangalore/India!! Its just so tough to get your hands on fresh leaves and vegetables. You need to be at the right place at the right time to get your hands on anything fresh. You can plan your meals in advance only based on whats available, never the other way round. Just to get fresh and healthy lettuce or the type of cheese you want can be so tough at times. Food and ingredients apart, now coming to Nigella herself. The post would be incomplete if I dont write about her. Though she’s assumed a curvaceous shape in her 50s, she remains an attractive and articulate woman. She uses subtle makeup - I really like her eye and lip makeup; they highlight her gorgeous, sharp features. Her nails are always well kept and shapely. Mine start chipping when I have to peel garlic cloves or do any other fine chopping. It hurts the most after a new manicure. I like her hair curls. She has a way of speaking. If she really likes a particular substance or the final end product, she makes the most sensual sounds of “ummmm” and “aahhh” while licking the just-prepared dish off her finger. You wouldnt be able to resist the urge to get a bite of it yourself! From Wikipedia:

Renowned for her flirtatious manner of presenting, Lawson has been called the “queen of food porn

She sometimes takes you to her pantry where she stocks up all the exotic ingredients. And if she’s in the mood, she also tells you a tale or two about her own fantasies, especially the ones to do with chocolate. A lot of episodes have showed her serving all that she’s prepared (and taught us viewers) to a group of friends or probably a small meal that she’s put together just for a girl friend coming over for lunch. One of the episodes showed her two cute kids, a boy and a girl. I’ve always wondered who her husband is and whether they’ll ever show him in the series, like they show her friends. (we’re always so curious about celebrity lives, aren’t we?) I did some searching around on the net and figured the episodes must be from different phases of her life and we might be watching 11 year old episodes.

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