I Adore Pretty Women...

…who are not just pretty but also well-dressed and who radiate a strong sense of dressing and ooze a subtle attitude of being in touch with style and fashion. I am sure you admire them too. C’mon, if you are a woman and reading this, admit it and you’ll feel liberated. The secret’s long been out anyways. The quicker you accept this fact, the better for you. “WOMEN DRESS TO BE NOTICED BY OTHER WOMEN.

Mah Life ROCKS!!!

I have come to believe that saying that aloud to myself (My Life Rocks) and declaring it publicly will eventually make me feel that way - good about myself and my life. ![Human Complexes](/images/2010-02-07-mah-life- rocks/liferocks.jpg) Every day you happen to ask as well as answer the question innumerable times “How are you doing?”. I found more people answering with a “Good”, “Great”, quite unlike to mine rather sad “Fine” and “Ok’.

I am HAPPY Today!

Today’s been one of the happiest days for me. Full of a feeling of contentment, completeness, satisfaction, and in some sense, of a victory in a long-fought battle. The plight is that I cannot share my happiness with anybody :(. I’d like to keep it a secret from even myself, so I remain grounded and lest my little, delicate bubble of dream bursts. Why blog about it then if I cannot share it?

Are You a Somebody?

Every body around me (at least 7 out of 10 people) is a somebody, excelling in something they can boast about. I am not talking about the skills they have acquired in their career/profession. I am talking about the passions they have pursued outside their profession. So, a doctor may be an outstanding cook and may have published a couple of books, or a restaurateur may be seriously pursuing painting on the side, or an IT engineer may be a photography buff.

Not a Good Idea Sirji!

Idea Cellular’s new catch line for akkha India, “Walk When You Talk” may be trying to bring about a revolution to motivate people towards “walking” for fitness and health. Extrapolating the concept portrayed, it seems people do not have any time other than when they are talking to walk. Isn’t that a more serious problem? I would say, do not “Walk When You Talk”, especially when you are anywhere near a metro construction or crossing a busy road or a railway line or walking in the rain or in a crowd.