Long Run at Baylands Park

Finally ran on the Baylands Park trail in Sunnyvale this Sunday, our first time here. We were a bit skeptic about the $6 car parking fee, as suggested by the City of Sunnyvale website. However, when we arrived, the ticketing window was closed, though the off- season lasts only until February. We parked close to where we thought the trail began, but it did takes us a while, a run of about a kilometer, to figure out the trail and where it extended. We ran in the evening, a couple of hours before the sunset. I did my first long, slow run of the season.

eLocker by VTA and BikeLink

As part of my trip to the Rosicrucian Egyptian Museum, I took the VTA (Valley Transportation Authority) LRT (Light Rail Transit) from the River Oaks station. The River Oaks center at North First street also houses the VTA administrative office. This place is a 20 minutes walk from home and 10 minutes on a bike. VTA provides for bikers to carry their cycles on buses and trains; I haven’t used either yet.