Recipe Review

November Recipe Reviews

Here’s a list of new recipes I tried this month:

Main Dishes

Baked Garlic Chicken – Low Carb (Genius Kitchen)

What You Need
* Boneless chicken thighs
* Grass-fed butter
* Low-sodium soy sauce
* Minced garlic
* Black pepper, dried rosemary

Review Modifications Verdict
Time: 10 min hands-on, 45 min in oven
Difficulty: Easy
Taste: Good

  • The best part is that boneless chicken thighs can be used as is, no chopping required, so that’s a time saver.
 * I added a bit of salt though the recipe does not list it in the ingredients
* Along with the second round of 25 minutes, I placed cauliflower and broccoli along with the chicken in the baking dish. I tossed the cauliflower and broccoli florets in Avocado oil + S&P + Garlic Powder before adding them to the baking dish. So you get meat plus some low-GI veggies.
* For next time: I would use Oregano or Italian seasoning instead of rosemary.

Buttery Garlic Herb Chicken with Zucchini (Recipe Critic)

What You Need
* Boneless chicken thighs
* Grass-fed butter
* Minced garlic
* Fresh oregano, rosemary, thyme, S&P
* Zucchini

Review Modifications Verdict
Time: 30 min
Difficulty: Easy
Taste: Good

  • This recipe is similar to the one above, just that this dish is cooked in a skillet. This recipe too uses the boneless chicken thighs as is.
  • I used all dried herbs instead of fresh ones.
Instead of zucchini, I sauteed some cauliflower florets and diced red bell pepper in the juice and butter leftover after cooking the chicken. Keeper

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Low-Carb Blueberry Ice Cream (Diet Doctor)

What You Need
* Frozen blueberries
* Heavy whipping cream, mascarpone cheese
* Egg yolks
* Vanilla Extract
* Ground cardamom
* Lemon zest

Review Modifications Verdict
Time: 30 min hands-on, 1.5 hrs of stirring every 15 min
Difficulty: Easy, needs some effort in the freezing-and-stirring part
Taste: Bland

  • After the freezing part was complete, the dish became rock solid the next. It took some effort and time to make it scoopable without allowing it to melt. Some bit still melted. I moved it to the fridge thereafter.
  • I used fresh blueberries instead of frozen ones and so my final dish never turned purple as in the picture.
 * I made a strawberry and blueberry sauce (can work with just strawberries too): In a pan, I heated the strawberries and blueberries until they started oozing their juices. I let them simmer for 5 minutes while also mashing them from time to time. To this, I added a little more than a 1/2 tbsp of erythritol. Cooled the sauce before pouring over the ice cream serving. (The leftover sauce can be stored in the fridge.)
* I also sprinkled some dark chocolate chips on the serving.
Not making this again but the strawberry sauce recipe was a win.

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