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Long Run at Baylands Park

Finally ran on the Baylands Park trail in Sunnyvale this Sunday, our first time here. We were a bit skeptic about the $6 car parking fee, as suggested by the City of Sunnyvale website. However, when we arrived, the ticketing window was closed, though the off-season lasts only until February. We parked close to where we thought… Continue reading Long Run at Baylands Park

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I Am Loving It!

I wrote earlier about attending the Zumba session at The Rhythm Attic. The following week, I went for Zumba Toning(zumba with dumbbells) at the same place. This happens every Friday at 7:00 pm.          The good thing, as I figured, is that they allow a first free class under each category –… Continue reading I Am Loving It!

Recipe Review

Cracking the Code of Plain Parathas

I had always sucked at making plain parathas. They invariably turned out with some uncooked spots or were stiff and hard to eat. I was also made fun of because of the plain parathas I doled out, and this was when I had only about started cooking by myself (read, after getting married). Ask me to cook stuffed… Continue reading Cracking the Code of Plain Parathas

Recipe Review

Pindi Chole/Chana – The Missing Ingredient

I have been making rase ke chole (chana in gravy) for a number of years now. I recently tried to make pindi chana, which is spicy chana masala with much less gravy; in fact, the gravy has a thick saucy consistency. It goes best with bhature or poori. I had invited some guests over for… Continue reading Pindi Chole/Chana – The Missing Ingredient

California · Zumba

Zumba @The Rhythm Attic

Trip distance: 4.6 mi (cycle), 3.6 mi (car) Time to reach: 49 min (walk / Bus 58 / walk), 25 min (cycle), 8 min (car) Round trip cost: $4 (Note: The last bus to Scott and Space Park is at 6:30 PM) About the Class and Studio Website: Address: 1515 Walsh Ave, Santa Clara, CA 95050 Bike… Continue reading Zumba @The Rhythm Attic

California · Zumba

Elite Ballroom

Trip distance: 8.4 mi (cycle), 6.9 mi (car) Time to reach: 1 hr 5 min (walk / LRT (VTA train) / walk), 44 min (cycle), 12 min (car) Round trip cost: $4 About the Class and Studio Website: Address: 1042, Park Avenue, San Jose, CA 95126 (SJ Downtown) Bike parking availability: None Class schedule: Mon/Tues/Thurs: 7:00-8:00… Continue reading Elite Ballroom