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eLocker by VTA and BikeLink

As part of my trip to the Rosicrucian Egyptian Museum, I took the VTA (Valley Transportation Authority) LRT (Light Rail Transit) from the River Oaks station. The River Oaks center at North First street also houses the VTA administrative office. This place is a 20 minutes walk from home and 10 minutes on bike.

VTA provides for bikers to carry their cycles on buses and trains; I haven’t used either yet. VTA also provides for secure bike parking through bike racks and bike lockers, and the more recent eLockers. eLocker is a lock-and-pay system. VTA works in conjunction with BikeLink to provide this facility to the bikers. You sign up with BikeLink, they send you a card, you add money to it and start renting the eLocker (works just like Clipper). You can find all you want to know about how the BikeLink card works and how much it costs here. This page lists all the stations that offer electronic lockers.

I cycled to the River Oaks station, which has an eLocker facility. This was the first time I was using the eLocker. I was taken aback with the dusty and unclean state the locker was in with mighty big spiders lurking around. The locker space is triangular, not a rectangular cubicle. I just somehow shoved the cycle in and closed the door. The timer started and I was getting first 5 hours free!

Damn, I was still wearing the helmet and gloves. I stopped the timer, opened the locker, slung the helmet to the bike handle, and closed the door back. There, I was all set.


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