I Adore Pretty Women…

…who are not just pretty but also well-dressed and who radiate a strong sense of dressing and ooze a subtle attitude of being in touch with style and fashion. I am sure you admire them too. C’mon, if you are a woman and reading this, admit it and you’ll feel liberated. The secret’s long been out anyways. The quicker you accept this fact, the better for you. “WOMEN DRESS TO BE NOTICED BY OTHER WOMEN.”

Not to say that we dont “want” to be noticed by the other gender. But you know it as clearly as me, that the effort/thought we put in to put together even a casual ensemble can be noticed only by another one of our kinds. Who other than another girl can spot those rare silver earrings, the color coordination or the contrast between the footwear and the dress, and the style of the bag against the outfit of the day?

I confess I like to size up women from top to bottom and take notes – “hun, that shirt is nice” or “I like the way she’s done her hair” or “I wonder where she got those shoes from” (and each time I go “Damn, I never spot those things when I go shopping”) or “Her nails are so shapely” or “I like her lipstick shade”. Now, now, you wouldnt expect a guy to share these observations with you, would you? For guys, in general (there are always exceptions who do notice the minutest of details), its the whole package that counts and they do not get into the minor aspects of appearance and dressing.

Well, one cannot be surrounded by beauty always, so I do have moments of “Gosh, thats an outrageous dress!” or “OMG! she cant be wearing that short a kurti with the churidars” or “The top so doesnt go with that skirt” or “The magenta lip shade is so not suiting her” and so on and so forth.

Since I am on a confession spree, I’d also like to mention that I hate to be caught staring, that too by a woman, while I am gazing at another female. To put it mildly, its embarrassing. The funny side is that I am watched by another woman…. I rest my case! 🙂

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