Recipe Review

Maggi: Thy Name Savior

Who would not have, at one point or the other, not relied on maggi, in the absence of a.b.s.o.l.u.t.e.l.y any other options to quench ‘paapi pate’s bhook’. Stuck at home on a night, suddenly you realize there’s nothing at home to cook and its too late to step out to grab a bite, you turn… Continue reading Maggi: Thy Name Savior


Mah Life ROCKS!!!

I have come to believe that saying that aloud to myself (My Life Rocks) and declaring it publicly will eventually make me feel that way – good about myself and my life. Every day you happen to ask as well as answer the question innumerable times  “How are you doing?”. I found more people answering… Continue reading Mah Life ROCKS!!!