Not a Good Idea Sirji!

Idea Cellular’s new catch line for akkha India, “Walk When You Talk” may be trying to bring about a revolution to motivate people towards “walking” for fitness and health. Extrapolating the concept portrayed, it seems people do not have any time other than when they are talking to walk. Isn’t that a more serious problem?

I would say, do not “Walk When You Talk”, especially when you are anywhere near a metro construction or crossing a busy road or a railway line or walking in the rain or in a crowd. You may be distracted when you are talking and less alert to your surroundings and as a result, anything untoward may happen. The ad should probably come with a statuary warning, “Watch out where you are walking”. 🙂

To confess, I walk when I talk, but in the confines of a room or some enclosed space. Walking helps me focus. It also tires me. Walking for a while is definitely better than sitting and talking. But it is certainly no substitue for a health walk “without” talking.

One thought on “Not a Good Idea Sirji!

  1. A father like figure once told me:

    “When I say a lie followed by a generally accepted truth, I can mostly get away with the lie.”

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